Custom Solar Installs

“I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that.” – Thomas Edison 1931


Solar for farmers

Contact us today to see if the Reap Grant can work for you! It can cover up to 40% of your cost after the 30% tax credit (that’s right, you get both).

Have you considered solar security lights? They can illuminate dark places on the farm without any wires to or from the lights! Solar can work for you. Find out how today!


solar for residential

Custom solar allows you to the freedom to use solar in the way you need it – no more, no less. 

Now is a great time to take advantage of incentives, rebates, tax credits, and grants. Don’t wait any longer. Start saving today!


solar for commercial business

Owning a solar power plant turns a huge monthly expense into an asset. Certain financing options can make your solar purchase cashflow positive in one year. The REAP Grant also works for commercial projects.

Call today for a free quote and see what solar can do for your bottom line.

Tired of renting? Own your power with a custom solar power plant on site.

At Athena Solar, custom solar is what we do best. Because we have an in-house designer, we’re able to take a simple bid and turn it into a detailed report. Our first step is to learn what you want from your solar array, because that will direct the designer on both size and visual design for your system. Your budget is considered, and adjustments may be made to accommodate your needs. Because the process can be long and complicated for property owners, we’re here to assist in your applications for grants, incentives, and rebates as well as assist in all applications to homeowner associations. We also learn how you use energy, which is critical when it comes to designing your system. After putting all things into consideration, we evaluate your site and work up a bid with a custom solar design that works for you.

Your free quote reviews the size of system, type of materials in that design, and all the investment details. You get to learn about all aspects of the system such as: pay-off date, number of trees saved during the (25 years) warrantied life of the system, and many other financial details to help you see the full picture before signing any contract. We account for tax effects, location, historical weather patterns, shade, annual usage, rebates, your current utility rate, and other things you can calculate & analyze on your own, but it takes time and sometimes hard to understand. Athena Solar quotes come in easy-to-understand language to show you what you get for your investment.

It’s critical that you purchase a proper custom designed system and then have it professionally installed. We bring over a decade of experience in both custom solar design & installation to your project. We know what equipment works best with other equipment. Because we already have a great relationship with Ameren and other utility companies, your net metering application will be filled out correctly and will pass through processes efficiently.

For those who just want to save money, there may be questions you don’t know to ask. Such as: Does this increase my property value? What does the tax credit do for me? Will the panels protect my roof? You’re about to have your mind blown. Take the next step, and get that free quote. You’re goanna love what we have to say about your return on this investment. 

About Us

Quality Over Quantity

We Do It Right The First Time

We’ve all run into companies who rush through their work. They don’t slow down enough to take the necessary time to hit the details. The solar industry requires attention to detail. It’s the difference between a fully functional system, or one the limps along at only a fraction of its manufactured ability. You shouldn’t need to be an expert to get the job done right. Athena Solar carefully monitors all parts of the process for you.

We use a multifaceted approach to ensure that our customers are put first – no matter what. Because our company thrives on customer referrals, customer service is paramount to our success. That makes our next customer as important to the company as our lead salesman. We hope you’ll tell all your friends and family about us. At Athena Solar, we think buying a solar energy system should be a careful, deliberate process that starts with your goals, and ends with 100% satisfaction. 

Looking for solar for your home or business?

Make it custom.

We all know there can be many reasons why you want to buy solar for your home or business. Figuring out the right options can be complicated. That’s why we discuss your options before having you sign any paperwork – we want to make it yours by design before ordering any equipment. Not sure what you want? No problem! Our interview process and site evaluation will check all the boxes for the perfect custom design.

Is this affordable? We offer a variety of loan options for you. Loan and lease programs are available as well. If you’d rather pay out of pocket, you’re likely able to get a quicker installation date on the schedule.

Buying a Solar Energy System?

Rest Assured In Our Services

We know that buying solar energy for your home or business can be a truly nerve wracking experience. Whether you install solar at your home or business, we can help you find the perfect system. Do you need Micro inverters? Want a ground array or roof mount? Our ability to design a variety of solar systems, we are confident you’ll be happy with your options.

We also believe in small town values and honesty. While we get to know you, we hope you ask more information about us. Our team believes that if your property has too much shade, then we’ll tell you. We won’t tell you the roof is fine to install on if it needs to be replaced. You’ll get more than you expect with exceptional service.